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FIFA 21: 5 ways to make more coins during Team of the Year season

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Team Of The Year is one of the biggest events in the FIFA Ultimate Team cycle.

TOTY is always filled with tons of content in the form of new Squad Building Challenges and Objectives - plus SBCs will offer you some great opportunities to make some coins through trading.

Alongside the SBCs, The TOTY event will also come with some volatile market swings - on that note, here are five tips you can use to capitalise on the new SBCs and market swings to make more coins...

1. Sell your team before TOTY begins

Going into the TOTY event, it would be a good idea to sell your team due to the upcoming market crash.

You see, TOTY cards are some of the most valuable cards in the entire game - because of this, FUT players around the world typically open an insane amount of packs with the hopes of getting a TOTY player.

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This mass pack opening drives up the supply of cards and as you can imagine, the excess supply reduces the prices of players in the game.

By selling your team now, you’ll be able to preserve the value of your coins, instead of losing coins when the market crash occurs.

2. Invest in 83-rated players

Achraf Hakimi

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Investing in 83-rated players is a sure-fire way to make some coins during any big promo. 

We’re likely to get a few repeatable SBCs during the TOTY event, some of which may require people to submit 83-rated squads.

If we get those SBCs, you’ll be able to sell the 83-rated players you’re invested in for a sizable profit, allowing you to have enough coins to take advantage of other coin-making opportunities in the transfer market.

3. Invest in TOTW players

During the TOTY event, EA will release a lot of Squad Building Challenges - some of these Squad Building Challenges will require players to submit one, or maybe even two Team of the Week items in order to complete them.

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Being a key requirement, you will be able to sell TOTW cards on the transfer market for a higher price, allowing you to make a decent amount of profit on your investments.

It’s worth noting that TOTW players with good chemistry links typically pull in more of a profit than their counterparts with poor chemistry links, so make sure you only invest in TOTW who play in popular leagues and are from popular nations.



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4. Snipe cards

Sniping is the act of quickly buying an undervalued card on the transfer market and selling it for its original value.

For instance - Harry Kane typically costs 46k coins, if you perform a search on the transfer market and find a Kane card going for say, 30k coins, you can buy him for 30k and sell him for 46k - netting yourself 16k (before tax).

Sniping is a lot harder than it sounds, though, because, when an undervalued card pops up on the transfer market, tons of other FUT players will also try to buy the card with the hopes of turning a quick profit - because of this, you typically have a one-second window to buy an undervalued card, so when you spot one, you need be as fast as lightning to successfully snipe cards.

It’s a fairly difficult way to make coins, but it’s incredibly lucrative when done right.

5. Buy META cards during the market crash

While player prices are poised to drop, certain cards will bounce back to their normal prices in the middle of the TOTY event because of the influx of coins that will come into the transfer market when people sell the cards they get from opening packs.

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This influx of coins will drive the prices of META cards back up, allowing you to make some profit on the cards you picked up during the market crash.


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